Facing Legal Problems At Work?

Count on a business law attorney to help in Fargo, ND

Whether you're a sole proprietor or the head of a major corporation, you need an experienced lawyer on your team. Timothy Hill, a business law attorney from Hill Law Office, PLLC, can examine contract disputes, prepare real estate documentation and much more.

Don't wait until things really hit the fan. Start working with a competent business law attorney in Fargo, North Dakota today.

We know both sides of employment law

Are you confused about your legal rights as an employer or employee? Hill Law Office, PLLC can help you figure out where you stand under Fargo, ND employment law. Call us if:

  • You believe you're a victim of discrimination
  • You're being sued by a current or former employee
  • You're facing a sexual harassment lawsuit

Timothy can help you with these and many other issues. Call 701-293-7612 now to defend your rights.